Fumax offers world-class, state-of-the-art and reliable PCB layout services.

Our PCB engineer's primary goal is to work closely with you to create a PCB layout meeting your design characteristics including signal integrity issues. In addition they will balance the effort and cost associated with fabrication and assembly while they maintaining the quality delivery time.

PCB Layout Services
  • Parts Library Creation
  • PCB Design Translations
  • Netlist Translations
  • Interactive/Auto Routing
  • Layout/Schematic Netlists Verifications
  • Gerber Files
  • Aperture Lists
  • Netlist
  • NC Drill Files
  • Fabrication & Assembly Drawings
  • Pickup and Place file
  • Military
  • Digital
  • Flex
  • Analog
  • RF
  • Evaluation and reference
  • Probe Boards
  • DUT Interposer
  • ORCAD Capture
  • DXDesigner
  • Allegro
  • Altium
  • PADS
  • Protel
  • Eagle