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New Product Development

Fumax offers a broad range of Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineering Services. Our design team is ready to work as part of your design engineering staff to make your design a reality. Our designers have extensive knowledge and expertise to help you with high complexity, high speed, or high layer count printed circuit boards.

Our Design Services are tightly coupled with our manufacturing and test systems to ensure the design is measured up to your specifications and satisfaction.

We have standard 6 important steps to complete a new project successfully:

Fumax Service
Work Description
Result to Deliver
1 Electronic Circuit /
Schematic design
1. Study customer requirements
2. Discuss with customers for key requirements and suggest prelimilary solutions
3. Generate initial schematic based on customer requirement
4. Schematic verification process internally by Fumax engineering team leaders
5. Software engineering team involvement process if required.
6. Computer stimulate process
7. Finalize schematic. Go to PCBA process

(Software: Mentor Graphic PADS, ProTel)
2 Software Develop
1. Study carefully about customer requirement
2. Discuss with customer for key requirements
3. Evaluate possible software solutions
4.Utilize software platform to develop software

  Programmable Hex file
(software: V++, C++)
Components Sourcing & Qualification

1. Components sourcing
2. Supplier qualification based on cost, Quality, delivery, service…
3. Components substitution possibility evaluation
4. Provide Cost & Lead time for each BOM items

  Bill of Materials
Component Lead time
4 PCB layout

1. Layout PCB board according to schematic
2. PCB to comply with required certification and standards
3. Check information of each component and layout good quality PCB to accommodate each part in terms of mechanical way and electronic way.
4. Layout PCB to fit related cases

Gerber Files
Component Position Layout Drawing

(Software: Mentor Graphic PADS, ProTel)
Plastic & Metal Case design

1. Design cases drawings based on customer requirements
2. Material Selection
3. Mould / Tool design
4. Injection manufacturing processs consideration
5. Support for manufacturing and production adjustments

  1. 2D and 3D drawing
2. Mould information
3. Materials Spec
(Software: SolidWorks, Pro/E)
6 Product prototyping

1. Sourcing samples of components
2. PCBA assembly
3. Test PCBA performance and make sure the PCBA will perform functionally according to customer testing specification. (Key Point!)

  2 Working prototypes with testing results